We believe that fun and imagination is key when creating a child’s cake. What better way to add a hint of playfulness into the mixture, by recreating their favourite hero to add on top their birthday cake?

Our team here at, Icing on the Cake are very child friendly and love bending to your child’s wishes. Whether its theming a cake around their favourite TV show, adding a much-loved edible character as a topper or even simply incorporating their favourite lollies around the edges of a cake; we love seeing the look on their faces when they get to see their very own personalised design that is made just for them on their special day.

We take a lot of pride when creating kids birthday cakes as it brings back a sense of nostalgia and brings out our inner child. We have just as much fun creating them as they do coming up with the ideas. Because lets be honest, what adult doesn’t wish they had a cake like theirs when they were their age?

No thought is too big or too crazy, so let their imaginations run wild and come and talk to us about bringing their ideas to life!

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